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  • Fall 2018 - Demand charges on Westar and KCP&L solar customers were approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC).
  • Early 2019 Kansas Legislative Session - Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) introduced SB 124 to remove the punitive charges on solar customers.
  • March 2019 -  Evergy (Westar & KCP&L)  agreed to file a new tariff with the KCC grandfathering Westar customers who installed solar prior to 10/1/2018 and KCP&L customers who installed prior to12/20/18, into the old rate thereby eliminating their demand charges. To make further progress, the agreement included a commitment by Evergy to collaborate with the CEBC to find reasonable solutions that allow the solar industry to grow. 
  • May 2019  - To date, the new tariff has not yet been filed with the KCC and the CEBC has reached out to Evergy to schedule dates to begin working on these solutions and is awaiting a response from Evergy. At their request, the CEBC is keeping the Kansas Senate Utilities Committee abreast of how communications, or lack thereof, are going between the CEBC and Evergy.
  • May 17, 2019 - Westar's tariff to grandfather existing customers was filed. We're now awaiting the Kansas Corporation Commission's response to that request. Regarding Evergy's commitment to negotiate a path forward for solar in Kansas with the Clean Energy Business Council, the council is anticipating those meetings will begin mid June.
  • August 6, 2019 - Big Win for Kansas Solar!  The KCC approved the grandfathering of Westar customers!

Stay tuned as we work together to grow solar in Kansas.

Demand Charges and Energy Fairness


In a state with abundant sun, rooftop solar should be a no brainer yet Kansans with rooftop solar are subject to demand charges. 

Explanation of demand charges


Kansas Energy Fairness Act 

(active in the senate from 

January 2019 - March 2019)

Bill Overview 

Link to press release



Westar customers who installed solar prior to 10/1/2018 have been grandfathered into the old rate thereby eliminating their demand charges. Big win for Kansas Solar!

The Clean Energy Business Council and the Climate + Energy Project aren't stopping there, efforts continue to ensure a strong solar industry in Kansas.

March update.

May update.

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Press Conference and Hearing in the Senate Utilities Committee

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